Welcome To Tha 5

Welcome to #Tha5! 

Ever so often you come across an open mic event…or a concert with 10 acts on the bill and you don’t get a true focus on the artist(s) performing. Guess what? DJ Kawon and NGI Radio Promo Director, Louis Gray aka T-Wrex came up with the dopest idea….a concert series with the artist in mind. Powered by NGI Radio and Tha Group, this is a concert series that features 2 artists that get the opportunity to perform for the people.

The first event featured NGI Radio’s January Artist of the Month…the Loose Cannons along with solo artist Complete the Emcee. The guys put on an absolute show and were able to open up to a market outside of their home of Dallas, TX. The February show featured T-Wrex and Lord Wrecka…it was an absolute amazing show.


Check out some interviews from the past 2 events.

  • DJ Kawon and The Loose Cannons
  • DJ Kawon, T-Wrex and JWaiters