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When it comes to spinning dope music and adding some flavor to it… when it comes to breaking new artists… when it comes to bringing you new content DAILY… just think of your boys over here at NGI Radio!


Check out the lineup of awesome mix shows from our DJs and hosts below and be on the lookout for new shows added periodically. We appreciate you all for listening and supporting what we take pride in bringing to you.

Listen to DJ Kawon

Catch DJ Kawon twice a week! Tune in to the Mixtape Show on Wednesday nights at 9pm EST and The Chillout on Sundays at 11pm EST

Listen to Guilty DaVinci

Catch Guilty DaVinci twice a week! Tune in to the Ladies Night Mix on Thursday nights at 10pm ET and then Killa Friday every Friday night at 9pm EST

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Listen to DJ MJAD

Catch DJ MJAD twice a week! Tune in to the DriveBy Mix every Wednesday at 8pm EST and then the Ladies Night Mix on Thursday nights at 9pm ET

Listen to Emilio Egbar

Catch Emilio Egbar and the NonStop Radio Show Monday to Friday at 10am EST with the replay at 6pm nightly. The ALL NEW NonStop Riddems is on every Saturday at 9pm EST


The Ryan Show! 

Hosted by: Ryan Verneuille, Hamptons Dave & Mr. Cheeks


Jokes, Music, Celebrities and more. There is always something happening on Monday night.  Between our talk-show and our “Afterparty” open mic for performing artists, The Ryan Show LIVE makes for a unique experience each time. Interesting guests and celebrities join the cast for live bar-side interviews and entertainment in between.